HOKA athlete Thibaut Garrivier tired on the floor

Thibaut Garrivier enjoyed his first experience of racing in the United States last weekend at the TNF 50 in San Francisco. Read on for a snapshot of Thibaut’s race and his time in the US.

HOKA athlete Thibaut Garrivier starts the race with a headtorch

A first sport experience in the US very rewarding on several points, and firstly going to hang a podium in-extremis in the last bump of this player course but without respite 82 km and 3000+.

HOKA athlete Thibaut Garrivier runs down a hill

In the first climb the pace seems to me to run more than 6 hours like that, but the following confirm that I lack of energy and I am one of the first to let go of the leading group of 9 riders who will scatter in the climb next.

HOKA athlete Thibaut Garrivier grimaces during the race

I take the riders one by one to Robbie Simpson at the 50th kilometer. I am then 4th and I have little hope to better see the state of fatigue. Yet motivated to join the finish with Darren Thomas and take Anthony Costales to 10km, synonymous with podium since Darren gives a good layer on the Golden Gate and escapes irremediably.

HOKA athlete Thibaut Garrivier mid-race at TNF 50

Beside that, a rewarding human experience shared with Romain throughout California (Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz), visiting the HOKA ONE ONE US family in Santa Barbara.

HOKA fan Thibaut Garrivier crosses the line third

A conclusive and motivating experience, with several projects in mind to put in place in the years to come.

HOKA athlete Thibaut Garrivier all smiles after TNF 50