HOKA and IRONMAN legend Dave Scott in conversation with Gethin Jones and Charlie Webster

For one night only earlier this week, we teamed up with online retailer www.SportsShoes.com and event specialists Underground Fan Club for an exclusive evening with IRONMAN legend Dave Scott.

HOKA and IRONMAN legend Dave Scott speaks to the press

The six-time IRONMAN world champion flew over fresh from the  IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships held in the glittering French city of Nice the weekend before.

HOKA fan takes a picture of the Rincon

All eyes were on our ultra-light, uber-cushioned speedster at the start of the night as press, influencers and competition winners managed to get their hands on the Rincon for the first time.

HOKA fan with the Rincon

From one instant classic to another. Sky Sports presenter and IRONMAN competitor Charlie Webster opened up the panel discussion to a packed-out room.

Panel discussion between Dave,, Charlie and Gethin to packed house

Conversation covered Dave’s stellar history in the sport and quickly turned to the famous long-term rivalry he had with his greatest IRONMAN opponent, Mark Allen.

Charlie Webster and Gethin Jones speak to Dave Scott

Dave shared his memories of the famous Iron War of 1989. This was the IRONMAN World Championship race in Kona that saw the world’s two strongest athletes race side by side at world-record pace for a grueling 139 miles.

Dave Scott speaks to the group

Dave was a committed IRONMAN competitor for more than 20 years. He is known by the nickname ‘The Man’ for his intense training regimes and relentless race performances. So, what are his top tips for racing an IRONMAN?

Dave Scott points his finger while coaching

Take in fewer calories more frequently is the first. Don’t eat or drink in T1 is another. Make sure you mix being seated and standing when on the bike and try to improve the mobility in your hips and shoulders. This last one will serve you well for each of the triathlon disciplines.

Group stretches out on the floor while Dave oversees

There was no time like the present to put some of the tips into immediate practice. The evening switched from indoors to outdoors and a group workout led by the IRONMAN Hall of Famer, starting with mobility exercises.

Dave Scott stretches

As a renowned coach and ultimate competitor, Dave shared his knowledge and experience with the group, before circling back to The Curtain for healthy snacks and a full debrief.

Group running

Special thanks to our partners SportsShoes and the Underground Fan Club for their support and organisation of the event. Thanks also to Dave Scott for sharing his wisdom and expertise on the night.

Press and influencers share a drink

Photo credit: SportsShoes