It’s time to run, walk, hike, roll, jump, kick – and fly – together. Though we are strong on our own, together we’re unstoppable. Inspired by those around the globe that are trying to make a positive change in their communities, we‘ll celebrate being human through their struggles and triumphs. It’s time to push past what we thought was possible. To ignite belief in others and harness the power of us.

This is the story of Magda Boulet, a HOKA Elite Athlete. Magda believes that moving every day, no matter how small or big the movement is, will allow you to make progress towards something much bigger than yourself. We listen to Magda‘s thoughts on movement as we watch her go for her daily run wih friends, family and, most dear to her heart, Running for a Better Oakland, an organisation that empowers K-12 students to set goals and build confidence through running.