Men's Rocket Long-Distance

Men's Rocket Long-Distance

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Item No. 1013929
HOKA's lightest shoe ever finds the perfect balance between responsiveness and flexibility. Designed for track races from the 1500m and up.
  • Aggressive Middle-Distance Spike Plate
  • Asymmetric Spike Placement
  • Ultra-lightweight Speedframe upper

Product Specs


The Rocket Long-Distance contains our J-Frame(TM) technology designed to prevent excessive inward roll, or overpronation, without overcorrecting your gait.

The Rocket Long-Distance contains features that make the shoe inherently stable, such as a wide base and our Active Foot Frame, for a moderate amount of stability that is still designed to work for neutral gaits.

The Rocket Long-Distance features a symmetrical bed of cushion without additional prescriptive technologies. Designed to provide the support you want and nothing you don't.



The Rocket Long-Distance features a low-profile cushion bed that keeps your foot closer to the ground, and utilizes a firmer material designed to provide an efficient push-off.

The Rocket Long-Distance is designed to provide protective cushion while maintaining a responsive toe-off for when you want to go faster.

The Rocket Long-Distance features a higher bed of soft cushion, designed to provide a forgiving impact and ride.

  • Weight