Announcing the Clifton Edge. Be the first to get a pair, then help us celebrate by joining the HOKA Ekiden Strava Challenge.


Join the HOKA Ekiden Strava Challenge, which goes now through to Sunday 26 July. Complete one 5k each week for four consecutive weeks. Do it as individual or as a team to be in with a chance of winning a pair of Clifton Edge. Be sure to join and complete your first 5k by Sunday 5 July.

Time to Fly™

At a time when we've relied increasingly on technology to connect with family, friends and co-workers, we can do the same with running partners around the globe. And whether we're still connecting virtually or venturing back out with social distancing, it's never been more important to move together.


Ekiden is about moving forward together and bringing out the best in each other. It's a relay-style running race that originated in Japan wherein team members run the distance from one station to the next and pass off a sash, or tasuki, to the next runner. When you receive the tasuki, you are not just running for yourself: you are running for your teammates who wore it before you and those who will wear it after. Ekiden has grown into an enormously popular sport in Japan and beyond. Join the HOKA Ekiden Strava Challenge today.


Clifton Edge is a culmination of all our innovation to date and is designed to provide the smoothest ride possible. Order your pair now, or enter for the chance to win after completing the HOKA Ekiden Strava Challenge.