Hit the trail

No matter where you are, there are new paths to run and trails to discover. Join Anne-Laure as she takes us for a run along her favourite trail route. With HOKA ONE ONE, it’s #TimeToFly.

Hit the Trail with Anne-Laure

Bordeaux - France

Route map for HOKA - BORDEAUX by Anne-Laure SAUX on plotaroute.com

Distance: 8.8 miles (14 km)

Start/Finish: Place de la Bourse Bordeaux city-centre / Garonne river banks / Ermitage Park

Terrain: Roads, trail paths, stairs.

Toughness: Moderate

Ascent: 446 feet (136 m)

Navigation: Easy

Good for: A long run with hill climbs and changing landscapes.

Anne-Laure - FR

Sport and lifestyle blogger Anne-Laure, based in Bordeaux (South-West of France), shares her daily love for exercise on her blog Bonjour Darling. Her philosophy – it doesn’t matter what sport you’re practicing as long as you enjoy it! After finishing her first marathon, Anne-Laure’s passion for running continues to grow, pushing her to discover new playgrounds off the beaten track, in the city or out in the wild.


Running in

Challenger ATR 3

Why it's important to run in new locations?

You know I absolutely love running! I’ve always ran from time to time, but for the last two years it has become a true passion and nothing can stop me now! After always running on roads and paths I have discovered a new love for trail running. I’ve been tempted since my first Spartan Race, but it was confirmed during the Bilbao race I ran recently. I realised it was time to go and discover a trail run on my own. I started off by getting the right pair of shoes: the Hoka One One Challenger ATR3. Then I searched for a running spot close to Bordeaux where I could run in the wilderness, with hill climbs, descents and a beautiful view... That's how I discovered the Ermitage Park.

“After always running on roads and paths, I have discovered a new love for trail running.”


What you love about this run?

A few kilometres away from Bordeaux, the Ermitage Park is really easy to access. It’s located only 6km from the city centre and you can run along the banks of the Garonne to get there. Once at the park entrance, in front of an arch covered with graffiti, at first you could be a bit puzzled and wonder if you’re on the right track, but cross the arch and let the adventure begin! Start running, discover the lake, take small paths through the woods, climb the stairs and make your way to the top of the park to appreciate a magnificent view of Bordeaux! If you want to run further in the wilderness, Palmer Park is not far either. To get back to the city centre you can follow the riverside again, but this time try the left bank. This side is wilder and will smooth your return to civilization. Since this run I’ve been looking for new paths to explore, because it’s settled - this summer I want to conquer the most beautiful runs of South West France!

“With the Challenger ATR 3 I feel like I have a better stride – my foot falls on the front and not the heel, without my control. It’s magic!”


How the shoes helped and supported you?

The Hoka One One Challenger ATR3 will not go unnoticed. I had already seen them and their look always surprised me. I tend to always run with the same type of shoes, so these were quite a change, but they intrigued me and to start practising trail running I knew that my basic running trainers would not be appropriate. When the shoes arrived and I put them on I was surprised – the soles that looked imposing in photos are not that big, and ultimately, I really liked them. From that first step when I started running I liked them even more. I feel like I have a better stride – my foot falls on the front and not the heel, without my control.