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Rapa Nui Comp Men

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Discover new sensations with the dynamic Rapa Nui Comp. A high-performance Trail shoe.


 Trail Shoes HOKA OneOne Rapa Nui Comp Men
Geometry Under Meta: 21mm - Under Heel: 26mm / Drop: 5mm
Weight 410gr (in 8.5USM)
Upper Breathable, anti-debris mesh, seamless
Lacing Quick fit sytem (+ standard)
Footbed 2mm die cut Ortolite
Grip Hoka Grip - 4 mm lugs
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2014-01-13 15:02:00
Running In The Bondi For two Years. Love This Shoe,Rapa Nui For Road Running. Just Completed Two Half Marathons, Back To Back. Jacksonville, And Disney Yesterday. Both Races A PR. Jacksonville First Place In Age Group.Great Shoes Hoka..
Thanks for the great feedback.
Peter Kminek
2013-07-13 15:28:00
I have done about 250km in the Rapa now and I must say it really is a great shoe. Having come from the minimalist salomon sense ultra and mantra this shoe is much better suited for my multi day stage events. The shoe looks after your feet and with a 10kg pack on your back the cushioning really helps with the extra load on my legs! Downhills are also much more comfortable and enjoyable. One thing I have noticed is that the lacing system needs to be tightened after very steep downhills and that the normal laces, as with the evo actually complement the shoe better then the quick system. I have been over some very sharp, rocky trails here in South Africa and the souls apart from a few lugs are managing very well. Overall this is one of the best shoes I have had, but I still think that for the 250km self sustaining Kalahari Extreme marathon in October I will use the Evo with that extra cushioning to look after my legs! P.S. one thing I have noticed is that I have hardly any blistering anymore since using these shoes.
Thnak you for your feedback. Happy to see you love your shoes
2013-06-27 23:13:00
Is this shoe suitable for both trail and road? Or is it purely a trail shoe?
This shoe is purely a trail due to the grip. You could use it on road but the grip won't be lasting as long as it should be.
Glenn Alverus
2013-03-25 23:13:00
Hi, I haven't seen so much information regarding Rapa Nui Comp as well as Kailua Comp. Does the "Comp" stands for Competition and is how you position them due to their little bit lighter weight or? The weight difference is not that big, just 10 grams between Kailua and the new Bondi for example... Kind regards, Glenn
The Kailua is made for shorter distance than the bondi. And at the same time, the Kailua will have more dynamism thn the Bondi B
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