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Kailua Comp evokes new feelings with its lightness and exceptionally dynamic cushioning. A high-performance road and interval training shoe.


 Men Running Shoes HOKA OneOne Kailua Comp Men
Geometry Under Meta: 21mm - Under Heel: 26mm / Drop: 5mm
Weight 290gr (in 8.5USM)
Upper Breathable, anti-debris mesh, seamless
Lacing Standard
Footbed 2mm die cut Ortolite
Grip Hoka Grip - 1,5 mm lugs
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2013-10-26 23:54:00
Is the Kailua Comp the best Hoka for a road runner with very narrow feet? and is there a way to get them in the U.S.A.?
Yes, the Kailua is a good shoe for narrow feet. It should be available soon in the US
2013-10-22 05:56:00
When will these be available in the US? Thanks
Later this year, they should be arriving in the US.
2013-07-16 22:07:00
Hi. I'm confused with the different models. Which model would you recommend to a 65 year old man, 132 lbs. who runs 15 km a day, only on pavement, no races or speedwork? Thanks for a quick reply.
Hello, We would recommend the Stinson Tarmac.
Adam Jordan
2013-07-09 05:54:00
I love my Hokas, currently rotating 3 pairs. I live in Australia and really need to get aa pair of the Kailuas . Will they be available out here. Thank you Adam
Yes, the kailua will arrive soon in Australia.
2013-07-07 22:40:00
I am 168cm tall and weigh 82kg and I am running 42km marathon in November on road. Which shoe would be best for me? Stinson Tarmac or Kailua Comp?
It depends on what kind of protection you are looking for. If you're looking for absolute comfort, the go for the Stinson Tarmac, if you are looking for great comfort the kailua. Performance wise both shoe are similar, with maybe a bit more dynamism with the kailua.
2013-06-28 21:19:00
Would you please start shipping these to the USA as soon as possible?
They will be arriving in the US as soon as beginning of august
2013-06-25 18:07:00
Bonjour, Y' a t il une difference pour un coureur lourd ( 100 kilos) pour faire des distances courtes - 10 km entre la Kailua et la Bondi. Merci
Bonjour, la kailua vous apportera plus de protection (amorti) que la kailua. Et par rapport a votre gabarit, je pourrais meme vous conseiller la Stinson Tarmac.
2013-06-12 18:42:00
Thanks for the quick response. I am unsure exactly what you mean by upper. Sizing is usually based on a "last" used for shoes. Was not about the room for a trail running. I do not think that I am the only one who thinks the Tarmac and Evo fit differently. One of the key guys at the Boulder store said he noticed (and instructs) the same thing.
2013-06-10 21:22:00
One last question (hope). I may be in Europe so I ask this. Is the Mens Kailua most similar in SIZE to the Stinson Evo or the Stinson Tarmac? I own both but I bought different sizes because they do fit a bit differently. (I use an sole insert for both but with the evo trail, I bought a half size bigger--13US) Le me know. Thanks.
I would say the size is similar to both. Strange that you had to change size between a Tarmac and an Evo as the upper is the same. Maybe you like to have a bigger space when trail running. So I would suggest to take the same size as the tarmac.
2013-04-19 03:18:00
Thanks for the response. I actually was asking if I could order European released models online on this website when I am located in the US?
No Sorry. We only sell in Europe. But the model should be coming soon to the US, normally starting around August.
2013-04-17 07:00:00
If we are in the US, can we order these here online? If I visit Europe etc., where can these be purchased directly (locations generally)?
For US, you can contact hokacustomerservice@deckers.com. In Europe, here is our dealor locator: http://www.hokaoneone.eu/en/foot-sizer.html
2013-04-06 12:26:00
J'ai une bondi b et une bondi s , quel intérêt de prendre une kailua ..? Merci, cordialement
La Kailua est plus typee pour de la courte distance. Vous aurez une chaussure plus dynamique.
2013-04-03 21:27:00
When can we get these in the US?
It will arrive next season in the US
2013-03-26 10:28:00
Hi, Would you recommend the Kailua Comp for someone with plantar fasciitis who needs a more forgiving, cushioned shoe that is at the same time a bit lighter than the Bondi B? Also, I would be grateful if you could advise whether the Kailua Comp offers enough protection for a plantar fasciitis sufferer for workouts of 18-20 miles and for marathon races? Does the Kailua provide the same softness as the Bondi B or is it firmer? I am wearing a 10 UK in the older version of Bondi B, but as I understand for the 2013 models I should go half a size down. Is this correct? Thank you and kind regards, Silver
Hello, the Kailua is slightly firmer than the Bondi B. So only can tell wether you could support a bit less cushionning than on the bondi B. For the size, please check our size guide, it will give you your true hoka size.
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